1. Localization and QA

    Poor quality translation distracts the player from the game’s storyline, and can be confusing. This results in frustration, and the potential for the player to abandon the app and leave a negative review. To prevent this we adapt the text and advertising materials to consider local language variances, as well as the cultural and historic background of Russia. Professional actors provide any voice-over needed.

  2. Sales analytics and payment methods

    We have developed a proprietary campaign management system, which collects data from a variety of analytics services to give maximum control over the campaign, and ensure that each component is producing a return on investment.

    We offer all payment methods that are popular with the Russian market, including bank cards, mobile terminals, electronic funds transfer, and prepaid cards.

  3. Marketing and PR

    We carefully monitor registrations, installations, and user engagement across the gaming process, as well as the demand for paid content. If your objectives change or there is a decrease in sales we can quickly respond with an optimized marketing strategy. You’ll have a key advantage over the competition with our localization and promotion experts crafting offers guaranteed to resonate with Russian-speaking consumers.

    Thanks to our partnerships with Russian media outlets and detailed knowledge of their audiences, we are able to provide you with key contacts that will help you to invest your advertising budget for maximum return on investment.

  4. Customer support and community management

    “A happy customer tells a friend; an unhappy customer tells the world.” This old business adage hold true even in the Russian market, where 99% of mobile customers are active users of social media. Because of this, it is absolutely crucial that we respond to negative feedback quickly and provide helpful information at a moment’s notice. For this reason, we provide a team of customer support representatives carefully selected for their knowledge of the product and target audience.


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